Satafood Development Association

Satafood is a co-operation network. The main goal of Satafood is to develop food entrepreneurship, provide environmental services and improve co-operation between companies, education and research.

Satafood Development Association locates in Satakunta province in Southern - Western part of Finland. Satakunta is one of the main food producing areas in Finland. The agriculture and food industry are strong. In Satakunta the vegetable producing is strong. Meat production is also important. Half of the meat production of broilers and turkeys is located in Satakunta, where is also the slaughterhouse of these animals. Swine production is strong.

Satafood has two main functions. The development of food section from basic production to end-use food products for consumers and the environmental development including bioeconomy. The developing work is made with commercial enterprises in co-operation with farmers and food industry.

Satafood has made development work at the following food production branches:

  • Beta-glucan oat
  • Pure oat
  • Fibre rich cereal products
  • Sour milk products
  • Berry products
  • Field vegetables
  • Feeding methods poultry
  • Meat and fish products
  • Starch potato

Satafood has made environmental development work f. ex. at the following areas:

  • Bio gas production using renewable sources of energy f. ex. at swine farms
  • Waste water plants for small houses at countryside outside the waste water network
  • Environmental studies
  • Environmental risk analyses for industry
  • Consulting the manufacturing industry

Satafood has made work also in marketing campaigns in Finland and at international level. The development work is made by private contracts or by financing through EU developmental money resources. Satafood is working together with laboratories, universities and research institutions.